How to reset my Account Password ?

NOTICE: I do not store any of your passwords. That means I am not able to provide any password backup process. Instead, you will need to reset your forgotten password and define a new one.

To reset your ADR account's password, follow these steps :

If you already have your 6 digits code, jump to step: B

A1 - Make sure you are logged out :

  1. Even if you are still logged in when you realized you no longer have your password in mind, you will need to log out first.

  2. Head over to :

  3. Click on "Forgot your password ?" under the password field.

A2 - The 6 digits codes :

  1. Type the email associated with your ADR account, then click "Send Password Reset email"

  2. An email containing 6 digits code will be sent over to your inbox, with some instructions.

  3. Follow the instructions.

For security reasons, your generated code is only valid for 1 hour. When your 6 digits reset code expires, you will have to generate a new one, by following the above steps.

B - Already have a reset code?

If you already have generated a reset code, and you are still in its 1-hour validity, then you can directly :

  1. Click on "Forgot your password ?", then on "I already have a reset code".

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.