How to create an Andy Dominique Rak account ?

DISCLAIMER: You must be at least 16 years old to create an Andy Dominique Rak account, according to my Terms of Services.

To create an Andy Dominique Rak account, follow these steps.

Verification first — 1/2

  1. Go to:

  2. Enter the working email address you would like to associate your ADR account with.

  3. Click on Verify my email. A validation email will be sent into your email inbox.

  4. Check out the verification email and click "Verify my account now"

Confirm verification and finish account creation — 2/2 :

  • On the verification page, click "Finish my ADR account creation". Your email address is now verified.

  • To conclude with your ADR account creation, fill in the rest of the required information (First Name, Last Name, Password, Password Confirmation), and accept my website's Terms of Services and Privacy Policy after reading them, by checking the checkbox.

  • Click "Sign up"

Additional option :

If you would like to subscribe to my mailing list, you can also check the "Subscribe me to Andy Dominique Rak's mailing list." checkbox, before clicking "Create an account".

In case you missed that checkbox, no worries. Head over to:

Still having trouble creating your ADR account? :

If you still encounter some troubles while creating your ADR account by following the steps above, please contact me by opening a new ticket and describing in detail your troubles and your attempts.